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Stockport Advocacy follows a Citizen advocacy model of volunteering.

Volunteers developing long term relationships with people and speaking up for them. This is a partnership between two people. To try to make things clear, one is usually called the advocacy partner, and one the citizen advocate. An advocacy partner is someone at risk of having choices, wishes and decisions ignored, and who needs help in making them known and making sure they are responded to. A citizen advocate is a person who volunteers to speak up for and support an advocacy partner and is not paid to do so.

Key points about citizen advocacy are


The citizen advocate is unpaid and independent of service providers and families and is a member of the local community.

The advocacy partnership is one to one and the advocate’s loyalty is to the advocacy partner alone.

The advocacy relationship is based on trust and confidentiality.

The citizen advocate identifies the partner’s choices and decisions, but does not make or influence them.

The partnership is long term and not time limited and lasts for as long as both partners want it to an advocacy scheme “matches” the advocate and partner.

We have a number of volunteering opportunities for Volunteer Citizen Advocates who will be partnered with an individual to develop a relationship, understand their situation in life to stand with them, defend and promote their interests when necessary.

By volunteering you can make a real impact upon the lives of individuals who without a volunteer would have nobody unpaid in their lives. If you are interested or would like further information, please contact us on 0161 480 8979 or melanie.hand@stockportadvocacy.co.uk



Three years ago, on retiring, and enjoying good health, sufficient pension and wanting to “put something back,” I came across Stockport Advocacy Trust. I met with the Stockport Advocacy team, and finding we liked each other, I was then matched with Anne, a quiet woman who likes swimming, drawing, charity shops and getting out of […]

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